Some Early Morbid Stuff

Some work-in-progress stuff of Morbid the Ragdoll comic strips I’m currently working on. Hoping to have something more to post here soon!



And finally, the character revision sketch of Morbid herself.


In case you’re interested in seeing any more of this character, you can peep out the original appearance of her in this test strip I released back in I forget when.

1. “Oddities”

…I promise I’m taking it in a new direction. I was not a fan of that “pilot”. I had initially thought the concept of it being a somber journey into the heart and mind of this little creature required it to be a pretentious, self-serious affair. Clearly didn’t work- I don’t feel that lends itself neatly to the medium. You live and learn I suppose, right?

Look for more on this soon- hopefully someone somewhere digs it!


PS. I almost forgot to mention, but if you’re a “Coping” fan you may recognize her from this cameo in “#27: A Healthy Dose of Pediophobia”, an earlier strip from 2015ish or so.

27. “A Healthy Dose of Pediophobia”

“America: Zero”

The finished product from yesterday’s post:

To start: no, I’m not for burning flags. It’s merely an image. 

Nitty-gritties: though initially envisioned as 100% acrylic paints, I ended up using oil pastels for a lot of what you see in the foreground. I kicked around a few names before settling on “America: Zero”, but most felt a bit too on the nose. 

Also, I’m aware that an elephant Trump wielding a torch amidst a crowd of horrified onlookers doesn’t scream “subtlety” like I initially shot for. I just really let this one become its own thing and I’m happy with that. 

I may put it up for sale if I can get a high quality scan for a print, but I’m not certain. 


A Vote For The Party…

I’ve been working on something new the last couple of days, and it’s something a lot different than the usual stuff. I’m taking a very blotchy, contrasty approach to the background here and hopefully that pays off when it’s completed. I’m also attempting something political- new territory when it comes to an art piece. I’ve beaten it to death on podcasts and comics- crudely, I might add, so hopefully this comes across with a hint of subtlety. 

Two days in and I don’t completely hate it yet, so with any luck this holds true through the finished product. I’d love to post it here and sell it if it looks decent. 



Happy to post my first attempt at a self-portrait!


It started life as acrylic painting on canvas, but wisely I decided it needed some extra “oomph” to make it land- and my imagination far exceeds my skill when it comes to painting by hand. Admittedly I need to practice.

REGARDLESS, hopefully you dig what became of the piece I have dubbed “Atrophy”. Basically the idea was to try and hit some note of mystery in it- I wanted it to feel ambiguous. Atmospheric, I suppose.

I will have prints available on my Society6 shop later today, so look out for that!



Well hiya there, fellows and fellowettes! It’s been a while.

It’s been, what, three months since my last update? And even longer since I provided any meaningful content?

About that…

The last few months haven’t been the best for me, but it’s only now as I type this that I’ve realized that most of that falls squarely on me. Some personal matters in my own life (that should’ve been a cause for concern at most) really, really got to me. And by “got to me”, I mean I fell the fuck apart. As a very family-oriented person when not all is well in my home nest I naturally take that weight on as much as humanly possible (often to my own detriment). Noble, perhaps, but largely stupid. As these issues have slowly subsided in the last few weeks I feel like I can finally step back and look at the bigger picture here-

Like a teen crying over their first break-up I had more or less decided to make a huge deal out of everything going on and just check out- but to  be fair, it was compounded by some rather legitimate issues. It felt like, to me at least, that atrophy was rising in many of my creative endeavors. The passion didn’t play for me when experiencing any of it outside of the creative process and that certainly didn’t help me feel any better about the position and mindset I’ve been in as of late.

But that’s what checking out is for, right? I’ve certainly done my fair share of that and I finally feel like I can muster up something worth sharing again. I’m currently working on some art that will hopefully be ready for sale soon on my Society6 page, and with some luck I will have more Coping-related news to share as well.

I know- why bother promoting a comic strip if I never update it consistently? Speaking of, the former Facebook page for Coping has been pulled for the time being. For all things related to that, stick to this site/blog or my Twitter. My hope is to be able push the project into the graphic novel format so look forward to work-in-progress posts soon.

FILM! I am currently involved in yet another Josh Ebel and Adam Fielden production for their independent film project, “Mr. Black”. With their permission, I will post updates about their work here. I’m only an actor in the stable, but I have worked with these guys on several occasions in the past and they are honest, down to earth creators that have my massive respect. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some past collaborations as well, some of which have been played in several local film festivals.

PODCASTS! Man this is a chunky post! The Zebinator and I are actively working on finding time for more “My Generation” episodes, and frequent collaborator and brother in all things Grindhouse related Sean Strife and I are beginning work on a new podcast that will hopefully lay the groundwork for future projects.

Whew! So in short…

I’ll be back with new stuff very soon, so stay tuned peeps!