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Belated Halloween Piece

Better late than never, right? I took a break from working on a comic project to finish up this belated Halloween piece. It’s available as an art print on my society6 page now starting at just $15.99.




Some Doodles and Comic Stuff

Just a collection of random doodles and skeletons of comic ideas I’ve been scribbling. Some of these are roughly six years old, so there’s a notable difference in the quality of some of them.


In Defense of the Lack of Podcasts Lately…

Just playing- I have no defense. Life is a bit of a fickle beast at times and regardless of how often you set yourself goals sometimes they’re just not in the cards. I’ve been fixated on the idea of restructuring my goals in life recently and I have had to pull my Soundcloud station for the time being. It doesn’t feel right keeping something floating on the interwebs without any sort of updates regularly being pushed- unfortunately trying to maintain your own little online radio presence without any takers for free hosting can put a damper in your plans, especially if you’re financially invested in something with zero interest. C’est la vie, as they say, so for now I’m hanging up that producing hat.

Hopefully I’ll continue to occasionally guest on friends’ podcasts- and with any luck, I’ll be a regular on my brother’s show, “Deep Breaths”, which is expected to drop any day now. Below is the artwork I prepped for said show. It’s an interesting one- primarily based around life’s philosophical quibbles and crazy conspiracies and ideas provided by a rotating cast of guests and all-around crazies.


It’s a lot of fun listening to what we have so far and I can only hope you guys find it as entertaining to listen to as I have. Jacob Pickle has been handling most of the production thus far and it sounds STELLAR compared to previous ones I have been involved with (not counting Kevin Zerbe’s… that man is just a wizard).

Keep an eye out for more content coming soon- including what will hopefully be the start of a slew of blog posts in the coming weeks. I have a new job lined up that will more than likely cut into any free time I have for this stuff- hopefully I still find some sort of way to maintain. We’ll see.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Jeff.

Some Early Morbid Stuff

Some work-in-progress stuff of Morbid the Ragdoll comic strips I’m currently working on. Hoping to have something more to post here soon!



And finally, the character revision sketch of Morbid herself.


In case you’re interested in seeing any more of this character, you can peep out the original appearance of her in this test strip I released back in I forget when.

1. “Oddities”

…I promise I’m taking it in a new direction. I was not a fan of that “pilot”. I had initially thought the concept of it being a somber journey into the heart and mind of this little creature required it to be a pretentious, self-serious affair. Clearly didn’t work- I don’t feel that lends itself neatly to the medium. You live and learn I suppose, right?

Look for more on this soon- hopefully someone somewhere digs it!


PS. I almost forgot to mention, but if you’re a “Coping” fan you may recognize her from this cameo in “#27: A Healthy Dose of Pediophobia”, an earlier strip from 2015ish or so.

27. “A Healthy Dose of Pediophobia”

“America: Zero”

The finished product from yesterday’s post:

To start: no, I’m not for burning flags. It’s merely an image. 

Nitty-gritties: though initially envisioned as 100% acrylic paints, I ended up using oil pastels for a lot of what you see in the foreground. I kicked around a few names before settling on “America: Zero”, but most felt a bit too on the nose. 

Also, I’m aware that an elephant Trump wielding a torch amidst a crowd of horrified onlookers doesn’t scream “subtlety” like I initially shot for. I just really let this one become its own thing and I’m happy with that. 

I may put it up for sale if I can get a high quality scan for a print, but I’m not certain.