Coping #33: “The Millennial’s Curse”

“The Millennial’s Curse” 

Pencils & Writing by Jeff DeMarco

Ink & Color by Leah Willard

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A fresh new look for the series.
The first strip featuring Leah Willard on inking and coloring duty!

MG Ep. 1 “Drugs”

The first full episode of My Generation, featuring the Zerbinator and yours truly!!

Zerbinator Land

MG 700 x 225

DOWNLOAD: MG Ep. 1 “Drugs”

In our first episode, we decided to get the worst topic out of the way. We discussed drugs, and our history with them. We spoke a little about the generational gap between our habits, and are proud to be cleaned up now, except for the prescriptions 😉 Enjoy!

Jeff’s Artwork: “LUNAR BABE”

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Creator Speak #6: Jake Mooneyham

Jake Mooneyham is a musician who is currently in the throws of higher learning when it comes to his craft. We discuss his early inspirations, playing in bands, music theory, and even find time to throw shade at Senior Trump.
The closing track is an original piece by Jake called “Simultaneity”.


“Lunar Babe”

I’ve finally done something new, and it is available as an art print on my art shop!

Check it out on my Society6 page, and keep an eye out for more!