Coping #33: “The Millennial’s Curse”

“The Millennial’s Curse” 

Pencils & Writing by Jeff DeMarco

Ink & Color by Leah Willard

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A fresh new look for the series.
The first strip featuring Leah Willard on inking and coloring duty!

MG Ep. 1 “Drugs”

The first full episode of My Generation, featuring the Zerbinator and yours truly!!

Zerbinator Land

MG 700 x 225

DOWNLOAD: MG Ep. 1 “Drugs”

In our first episode, we decided to get the worst topic out of the way. We discussed drugs, and our history with them. We spoke a little about the generational gap between our habits, and are proud to be cleaned up now, except for the prescriptions 😉 Enjoy!

Jeff’s Artwork: “LUNAR BABE”

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