Blue Dogs Bonus #1: The Once Golden Door

It’s just a dopey rant, but I felt the need to put my thoughts about this to use somehow. After a good conversation with someone tonight, I feel more compelled now than ever to really speak up and try to counter balance this shit.

Keep fighting the good fight however possible- we are better than this.



Creator Speak # 5: Kevin Zerbe

The second of the promised podcasts today!

Kevin Zerbe (or the “Zerbinator”) is a long time podcaster/musician whom I am lucky to call my friend. We discuss almost everything from the musicians that helped shape a wee Zerbe to the MS that helps shape the entire creative process. The kickin’ tune at the end is one of his tracks, “1270” from his “Sprung” album. You can hear all of his music and shows at!

Creator Speak #4: Sean Strife

One of two promised episodes for today. I know, it’s been a month since the last episode.

Sean Isham/Strife is a local auteur with whom I have podcasted with several times in the past. Looking to launch a platform to help fellow creators out, Sean discusses the ins and outs of his many applied interests and what exactly Neon Grindhouse is all about.

New Content, Same Place

Well, by “new” what I really mean is reorganization. I finally updated the podcasting page to reflect the dropping of FHTTV from the feeds and site (it probably bothered me more than it should’ve) and updated it with all of the information on shows I’m currently working on. Also included finally is the Grindhouse Radio page for easy access- essentially the hub for all of my future audio needs. 

Look for two new episodes of “Creator Speak” this week, and maybe some new artwork soon! 


PS: Sorry for the drought guys- I’m still learning how to not suck so much.