Blue Dogs #2: Fallout Shelter

The newest episode of “Blue Dogs” is now live!

Better late than never, right? It’s been a couple of weeks since Trump became our President Elect, and this doesn’t sit well with the boys. The two express their fears and concerns for the country going forward, Jeff drinks himself into a stupor, and Sean shares his predictions on where we’re headed.


Creator Speak #2: Jacob Pickle

Tonight I am joined by my brother Jacob Pickle for the second episode of Creator Speak!

Jacob Pickle is a amateur photographer, film maker, and musician. We talk about failed projects from the past and the importance of striving to be all you can be- especially as a parent. Check out his work at his Soundcloud and Facebook pages:
His list of Soundcloud tracks will be available at the bottom of the blog.

Creator Speak #1: Aaron Roderick

I am proud to present the first episode of “Creator Speak”, a new show I will be doing where I sit down with all of the wonderfully creative people in my life to find out what makes them tick.
For our first show we sit down with Aaron Roderick to discuss his music production, the state of the music industry at large, inspiration, and much more.
The song choice at the end is entitled “The Red Ones”, and is original music by Aaron Roderick. To check out the rest of his tunes be sure to peep out his SoundCloud page at
Listen to “Creator Speak” here:

Blue Dogs #1: Doomsday Preppers

I am proud to present the first episode of “Blue Dogs”, a new podcast featuring Sean Strife and myself!
In the first episode of “Blue Dogs”, we join our lost libbies as they lament the state of the current election, talk smack about Christie’s weight and wonder if there will be a world left by the time they record episode two.

Please ignore our theme music, it is only temporary.