Coping #31

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FHTTV 17. Dirt Snakes and Dem Pills

It’s not a Wednesday (our normal release day) but it’s here!

After a brief hiatus, we return to talk about our favorite underrated movies, vitamins, snakes, and of course some sensual advertising.

Apologies for the echo, someone forgot to mute the speakers.



“Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”

So I finally did it. I became a Patreon guy.


I’m weird about the idea of asking money to do this stuff with. Something about it always felt dirty to me, as silly as that may sound. I mean, for the most part, this is stuff I do for fun. While the idea of making a living from any of this business is a very romantic concept I’ve always struggled relating it to work. I guess at some point I allowed my brain to be hard-wired into the idea of work being something else entirely. It’s only been recently the two have somewhat become related to me. Maybe that’s that “artistic maturity” I’ve been hearing so much about.

Anyway, donations are certainly not necessary but always appreciated. If you so choose, you can currently support two different Patreons I’m involved in-

For support of “From Here to The Void”, go to

And for my art and comic series, zip on over to


As always thank you, your continued support means the world.



Wow, if ever there was a title that reeked of creative lackluster, it was that one right above us. With that being said, welcome to my page! I dabble in quite a few different projects (if a jack of all trades but a master of none sounds about right, it’s because it is) that I’ve decided to try and consolidate into one centralized hub. Podcasts, web comics, random artwork and blogs are just some of the things I know for sure will be on here. I also have a shop you can visit and peep out where I sell merch from the comics and various art prints.

I sincerely hope this page reaches out to some one and gives them even a fraction of the satisfaction I get from doing all of this stuff- and hey, if it doesn’t then feel free to let me know why. Feedback is ever-so important (good or bad) and I hope to talk in great lengths with someone about why something is or isn’t working.

So enjoy “The Stash”, and if you like all of this nonsense then follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more bullshit as well!


-Your Friendly Neighborhood Indie Dude,